Lady Hawk's Folly - Amanda Scott

Lady Hawk's Folly

By Amanda Scott

  • Release Date: 2013-05-07
  • Genre: Histoire


When her husband returns from war, the Marchioness of Hawkstone battles for her independence
Less than two weeks after their wedding, Gavin Colporter, Marquess of Hawkstone, left his lovely wife Mollie at home and went off to war with Lord Wellington. Four years later, Mollie has become accustomed to running the estate and doing as she pleases. It’s quite a shock when Hawkstone returns and immediately begins to assume his rights and responsibilities as lord of the manor. Can she learn to submit to his authority? What will he say when he hears certain scandalous rumors about her activities in his absence? And can these two near-strangers actually learn to live together as husband and wife?